Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Movie: Bible Study

We filmed this one while Justin was in town from New York.

As you can see, we experimented with chroma keying (green screening)and layering various effects. Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 was used for editing, and we used a bright green bed sheet for the screen.

My favorite effect was the opening title. We used a linear blur, glow, fading, and lots of key frames!

The hell fire pit was created layering random molten lava videos and messing with the opacity. There is a fire effect in Sony Vegas, which is used lightly, in conjunction with the increasing light ray effect on Justin.

The shaking effect on Ryan was created using the pan and crop options along with a heavy linear blur.

Website Updates:

There are two new menu items on the site, as of today. The first is a "Film Contests" page showcasing the various film contest entries Emmanuel has spearheaded. The second is an "Equipment" page outlining all the cameras and extras we've used throughout the years.

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