Monday, November 23, 2009


Ryan had a funny idea for a short video today, so we're filming it tomorrow with his Justin. Justin was a part of the ill fated 'Till Death Do Us Fart. Following the tragedy he moved to New York, but hopefully he'll move back to LA so he can make more movies with us.

There's another movie in the works being written by Luis. From what he's told me about it, it's quite comical, and we look forward to working on that.

Also, I had a pretty good idea for a short Youtube series involving ninjas, so I'll be working on that starting.... NOW!

If everything goes well, the short will be up tomorrow.

By the way, if any of our fans out there have any ideas, we'd be more than happy to take look at them. If we like it, we'll even film it! AND give you credit! But we don't have money, so we can't pay you. In fact, there's a donation button on our website...

Okay, I'm starting... NOW!

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