Monday, April 27, 2009

Actor Profile: Ryan Cole

Ryan is the founder of We Make Movie Magic. Readers of the blog will already know how that all started out. (If you're new, you can read about it in our "Introduction" in the About Us section to the right.) What faithful readers may not know are some of the current projects Ryan has become involved with outside WMMM.

He was recently hired as a correspondent on Twitter Unleashed, an internet show airing on He will have a segment called Tweet on the Streets and will hopefully be able to include some of his sketch comedy skills in the mix, as well. He will also be working on a comedy film project with his coworker from the show, Will Robertson. We'll be sure to link that when its up.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter @RyanMCole. Here's an excerpt from his Twitter TV Live blog bio: "Ryan's career in entertainment began with script supervising for films and commercials. He was involved in play production in school, and has since acted in and produced plays for community theater. His passion for acting and directing has also manifested into an amateur film making career."

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