Monday, March 23, 2009

Shooting The Starving Artist

In filming, we like to get a scene from various angles. You'll notice, in watching our movies, we don't just have one long camera shot, rather it's split up into medium and wide shots. Then, often times, we'll get close ups of the actors speaking or even just listening. All of this is done to shift a viewers attention to various details, create visual interest, and keep the shots from getting long and drawn out. To do this, we basically run the scene over and over again from all the various vantage points. If we had more cameras, this process would be a lot faster and make editing smother. As it goes, we're doing this all on a very tight budget, and can't afford a new camera quite yet. You can find a donation button in the About section of our website.

The following footage was taken by Luis, who works on many of our films, and can be seen in Poocakes. These videos illustrate the process we use to capture close ups of each character in a scene. (They can also be viewed in the Behind the Scenes section of

Here Ryan has the camera focused on Matt, though Joe is still performing the scene as if he were on camera.

The following is the same scene, but this time the camera is on Joe.

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