Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Two Seconds and Valentine's Day Movie

Two Seconds broke 1,000 views last night! That's the fastest any of our videos have grown in popularity. Every time we check back it goes up a couple hundred views, and, hopefully, it'll continue to do so. Maybe it'll rub off on some of our other movies. Hey, it never hurt to have a little optimism.

The funny thing about Two Seconds is we asked Michelle to play the girl that day, and about an hour later she showed up. Now that's what we call dedication. There's a starving artist out there who can learn a thing or two from her... Again, The Starving Artist is on hold until Matt gets his shit together.

Valentine's Day Movie: We'll be filming a romantic short, kinda like Brain Freeze, this Sunday, and releasing it that night (again, optimism).

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