Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The website works now, but it's still ugly. Originally we tried using wemakemoviemagic.com as the url for this blogspot blog, but it I just couldn't get it to redirect. (We're using godaddy, btw.) So now we'll have an actual website, hurray! The only problem now is the url doesn't work when you type "www" in front of it. I'll deal with it later... Also, the myspace can use some work.(ADD US!) Expect some changes(for the better) when this semester is over, and I can focus on getting everything looking nice.

Starving Artist: The wait time for the next episode may be a little longer, because unlike with the second ep., we still have some filming left. Hopefully we can film two at a time and release them close together... like the Harry Potter movies. Yes, I did just compare our movies to the HP films.

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