Thursday, November 13, 2008


The next episode of The Starving Artist: A Documentary should be up soon, so keep an eye out for that. BTW, thank you to Emanual(sp?), Ryan's friend and coworker, for creating the awesome opening title for Starving Artist. We hope to work with him on many more future projects.

Michelle's play premiered today, which was hilarious! The play is called High Midnight, written by Mike Rosenberg and directed by Ann L. Gibbs. She plays Josie, a devout catholic, married to Gene, a lack luster husband trying to make it as a science fiction writer. Five years after tying the knot, they are yet to consummate their marriage, and she's getting kinda antsy, to say the least. Couple this with a tempting associate of her husband's and a couple alien encounters, and you can see why we enjoyed it so much. It'll be showing at Los Angeles Valley College through Nevember 15, along with 3 other original one acts, so go check it out!

Website news: We're still trying to get to redirect here. (It's not lookin' good.) Oh, and check out the updated "Completed Films" youtube player below. If you're awesome, you'll post it on your webpage or myspace or something. Speaking of myspace, we have a new myspace page:

You will be doubly awesome if you add us. Keep in mind, it looks bland, as we haven't had time to make it look pretty yet.

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