Friday, October 24, 2008

Poocakes Premiere

We're proud to present Poocakes, a Sweeney Todd spoof:

Thank you to everyone who worked on the movie and to all of you who visited the We Make Movie Magic blog today to see the premiere. For any first time visitors, you can see our documentation of the process through out the previous posts.

The first part of The Starving Artist will be online in about two weeks, so check back for that premiere. Also, Michelle, aka the evil Spaniard, recently got the lead role in her college's theater production. We like to think we discovered her here at We Make Movie Magic, and will hold fast to that claim should she every be nominated for an Oscar.

1 comment:

stephanie y. said...

that was awesome... lol... cool to get PA credit :)

wish i could have done more to help though :/

i wanna be part of it some more!! let me know about upcoming projects!!! :P