Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Documentary and Poocakes Music

A lot has happened with the documentary since the last update oh so long ago. We hope to release the possible 10 part series in segments. Filming for the first two parts concluded this weekend, and Ryan is following our subject around gathering ongoing footage for the project. We will be releasing the parts as we go along, as to not keep you waiting like with other projects. *cough cough* Poocakes.

So whats the story with Poocakes, you may be asking. Well, that would be my fault. This being my first experience writing music has brought on some delays...

I'm going to be late for class, but I'll update again in an hour or so.

::edit:: Okay, I'm back now. I got an A on my quiz, if anybody is interested. :)

Anyways, I was saying, I have limited music experience but do have a basic knowledge of composition. I anticipated having some difficulty, but we felt it would be best not to outsource the music job again. I feel that, in the long run, we'll still get the music done faster, than if we had found outside help. Keeping with the trend, Ryan has taken up "8 bit" music composition, which we can hopefully apply to the documentary. For those of you who don't know, 8 bit is like video game music (e.g. Super Mario Bros.), as I understand it.

But yeah, Poocakes. The last song is just taking a long time to get right, but everything else is done. I'm aiming for a Halloween release, which would go with the theme of the movie.

Btw, if there is anyone out there with already completed songs/music, could you donate the rights to them for some future projects? Hey, any exposure is better than none, right? Though we'll gladly accept music from people who already have a lot of exposure. ::edit::

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