Friday, August 15, 2008

Updates and Photos

We put up a Pet Peeves banner a couple days ago. You can check it out between the blog posts and Youtube video players. By clicking on the various "parts" you will be linked to the corresponding Youtube video pages. This includes the three parts of Pet Peeves and two behind the scenes videos.

Principle photography for Poocakes is done, and is about 50% complete in terms of editing. The rest is just cleaning up and adding music and sounds. The music is still being worked on.

Here are some photos from filming in the bathroom from Erin's flickr account:

Michelle cleaning up some poo

Matt pooing while Ryan and I watch

The sign people couldn't read.

Erin and Luis keeping those people out

Sabrina after an unpleasant (for her at least) scene.

being creative

monkey Ryan

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