Monday, August 4, 2008

Old Hags and their Bladder/Temper Control Issues

We finished filming all the bathroom scenes for the spoof yesterday, after fighting off hoards of angry women needing to use the restroom. (Scroll to the bottom of this post if you wish to skip the awesome rant that is about to go down.) Honestly, couldn't they read the sign? Not only did they ruin countless shots by opening the noisy door, but then they had the tenacity to whine and complain to us and question our right to be there! In the end, the security guard asked us to have someone sit outside and redirect the traffic, which the sign clearly did, but I guess some people need more help than others. Erin and Luis were kind enough to take on that job.

My favorite argument from the day:
Lady- "This is supposed to be a learning environment."
Me- "It's a STUDENT film."
(This from a "member of the faculty," though I doubt the validity of her claim just from having to listen to the mindless word vomit that spewed from her lacking brain.... Okay, I'm still fuming.)

We suggested another woman to try the men's restroom.:
"There was a man in there!" Uh... duh! It's a men's restroom. Several of us thought to ask if she had knocked first, which we all assume she didn't.

And these were all grown women.

Something I learned: If you yell back at them(intelligently, of course), they won't look you in the eye, which makes it all the more sweeter.


Anyways, the spoof is going well, and we have a rough cut of most of the footage. We've extended the filming until next Saturday, which will conclude in a well deserved pool party. As a reminder, we will be releasing the title of the movie in mid-August, if it isn't completed by then.

Future Projects- We will begin working on our next film this week! It'll be a documentary, and we hope to release parts of it as "webisodes." More on that soon...

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