Thursday, August 14, 2008

And the spoof is called...

As promised, we will now reveal the title of our spoof... drumroll...

Sabrina and Stephanie on the set of Poocakes

If you can read the sign in the photo above, then you now know the spoof is called Poocakes! It parodies the 2007 movie musical, Sweeney Todd. In our version, a man(Ryan) is out to avenge his wife's(Michelle) kidnapping and comes across a woman(Sabrina) who makes cupcakes out of poo.

Funny story: A man drove by our set and slowed thinking we were selling something good. It went something like this:

Man- "Hey!" slows down and reads our sign "Oh!" with a look of disgust on his face and quickly drives away.

More photos from filming:
Matt arriving to operate the camera

Ryan with the camera in his "Sweeney Todd" costume

Not pictured but also at the first day of filming were Erin, Luis, and Michelle.

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