Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pornographic Obstacles, Oy Vey

Location Update (Spoof): Last Friday we were given the necessary paperwork to use one of the campus' facilities. Our teacher sponsor filled it out and gave it back to us today, upon which we brought it back to the office. The lady looked it over then informed us she now needed her boss' approval before she could enter it in the calendar. So we followed her to her boss' office, and he seemed like he wasn't going to approve. He kept asking if there would be anything vulgar or sexual in nature and kept reiterating that they only ever allowed film students to film on campus. Bad sign. It turns out that in the past they had given permission to some students to film in a bungalow and later discovered they were filming porn. So he then asked us for a short synopsis of the movie. We explained it was a short comedy parodying the unnamed musical. We also threw in that it explored race relations, since we're doing the film project for a sociology class. *wink wink* He also asked why we needed to shoot in a restroom, and I simply stated there would be some bathroom humor. To our surprise, he seemed fine with that! Then he had some good news- he was more than likely going to give us permission, he just needed to speak with the teacher. You know, to make sure we weren't doing porn.

Now we have to wait for Michele's teacher to get in contact with him, which is sort of awkward, since he is trying to distance himself from our web of lies. I suppose we could throw in some "exploration of race relations," if it would make him feel better.

(Sorry about any errors. I'm blogging from my phone.)

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