Thursday, July 17, 2008

Music and More!

We're currently working on the music for the spoof. We want to have the music done by the first day of shooting, so the actors will have a track to sing to. THAT'S RIGHT! There's gonna be singing. There were several movie musicals released in 2007, but that should narrow down what we're parodying.

As for getting permission to film on the campus, I've spoken to about three people now, and am going to have to go in person to talk to a fourth. The last person I spoke to said we'd need a teacher to sponsor us, meaning- we need to say we're doing the movie for a class. Let's see how we get around that... One of the actresses, Michelle, is currently taking a class there, so she might be able to get that "sponsorship."

GOOD NEWS: Our new lens and it's adapter came in the mail yesterday! Ryan is currently working on assembling it at his home, and we'll hopefully have some test footage up this week. The new lens is 35 mm and has a shallower depth of field than the older lens. Our goal is to get the look of film using a digital camera.

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