Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Premiere: Spousal Abuse

Welcome to the premiere of Spousal Abuse! We filmed it on Saturday, edited it on Monday, and put it up on Youtube today- a new record time for us. (We were supposed to film it last week, but it was pushed to this weekend.) We spent about $25 on supplies/props, which is a lot of money to us. But, in terms of movie making, that's not a lot at all, so I'd say it still falls under the "no budget" category.

In the film, an abusive husband goes on tirade against his battered wife. This is followed by a PSA on spousal abuse. Enjoy!

Correction: In the credits, Luis' last name is supposed to be spelled Zarate, not Zerate. Sorry Luis! (It's Ryan's fault.)

Pet Peeves Update: Marco is hard at work on the music.


Luis Z said...

Thanks Vivi.

-Luis Z.

stephanie said...

good video...

but i feel so left out... boo... i wanna help with videos still :D

Veronica said...

You'll totally be a part of future movie projects! duuuuh! This was just an over the weekend video. :p The next one we do, you'll be the first person we call.