Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some of the People Involved

Here is a screen capture of Ryan, taken by Stephanie, the movie editor. She's pretty good at what she does and, since coming onto the project, has made our lives a lot easier. He looks really psycho in this picture, but that's okay, because that's how he's supposed to act. The character is loosely based on Justin, Matt and Ryan's friend, whom they both agree is mildly sociopathic. I mentioned a bit about Justin in the previous introduction post, if you'd like to know more about him.
The picture to the right is of Ryan, Erin, and Matt. Erin helped with some of the filming one weekend, though I'm sad to say I wasn't there that day. She let us use her gun for one of the scenes, but I won't give much away on that part of the movie. Oh the suspense! This picture was taken a year or so back, and both she and matt presently have shorter hair. In fact, Matt shaves his beard completely now, because he has a weird bald spot on the right side of his neck. He hasn't gotten it checked out by a doctor yet, and we're all worried.

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