Sunday, January 20, 2008

Silly Movie Props

Here are some gags from the movie. The first is the apron and hat worn by Andy (Ryan).
The logo for the store he works at, Pet Peeves, resembles the Petco logo. I made the mock logo, and Ryan and Matt printed it at at Kinkos onto iron on paper. They then ironed it onto the featured articles of clothing. Feel free to print out the Pet Peeves logo for your own use.
This next one is my favorite. They asked me to make a logo for a tube of hemorrhoid cream that resembled toothpaste. (The man hand in the photo belongs to Ryan.)

The logo resembles the Aquafresh toothpaste logo.

This final one was was printed onto a normal bottle of ibuprofen pills.

You can see how the bottle looked in the movie, because we don't know what happened to it. The pills used in the movie were ibuprofen as well, as we couldn't afford to (and didn't think to) use placebo pills. You'll have to watch to know what I'm talking about. It's really funny.

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