Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Who are we? We're a group of young people who like to make movies.

How did we get started? Ryan got a credit card and bought a fancy camera for $4000. Then he got his friend Matt to make a movie with him with his cool new camera.

This came after a failed attempt to produce a play in Los Angeles, which is where a lot of Ryan's money ended up getting lost. He and his friend Justin were co-producing it under the name Colefield Productions(that's their last names put together- nifty, ha?). The play was called "Till Death Do Us Fart," and was expected to be a huge success. They even rented a theater! When it was clear the play really wasn't going to be a huge success, they tried making it into a movie, so they'd have something to show at the theater. It was going well, and they put together a really cool set which consisted of a bunch of bathroom stalls with real toilets and a sink and everything- all in Justin's mom's backyard. Unfortunately, when it came time to filming, Michael, the director and Matt's good friend, showed up really late for everyday of filming and kept getting drunk and high with Matt. This created a lot of resentment in Ryan and Justin, and, to this day, Ryan calls Michael "Lardzo," a funny twist on Michael's last name. Also, when they filmed the ending, they forgot to turn the microphone on, which was unfortunate because they lost a lot of really funny barf scenes. Michael kept the film and still hasn't edited it or given it back, and the set had to be torn down and moved into Ryan's place, because Justin's mom is a crazy drunk.

So now, four months later, Ryan and Matt and a bunch of their friends just about finished filming their first movie, and I'm not talking about Till Death Do Us Fart. This is a completely different movie called Pet Peeves.

What is this blog about? This blog will be documenting the final stages of putting together Pet Peeves, and will also follow any future adventures Ryan(because he has the camera) and his friends go on in the world of no budget movie making magic.

Who am I? I usually do random jobs on the set. For instance, this weekend they made me Director of Crafts, and I got to make some props. They had a more official name for my job, but I liked the way this sounded better. Also, sometimes I help with editing the movie. For Till Death Do Us Fart, I got to be the Director of Set Decorating, because I watch a lot of HGTV. Now, I'm the official blogger. Also, I'm Ryan's girlfriend.

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